NFI Online FAQs

Using the system

Do I need to be registered to use NFI Online?

If you want to process mortgage applications with us, you’ll need to register. Instructions can be found on our Register for eServices page.

I've forgotten my user ID, password and pin. Who should I contact?

Please contact our technical support team on 0800 545 3131 (option 2) who will request your password reset.

Where can I find my completed application form?

Two hours after you’ve submitted the case, you’ll find the application form is available for you to save and print in NFI Online, under ‘Case home’ then ‘case documents’.

Why can’t I print my documents?

If you’re having problems printing documents, it may be that you’re using an unsupported browser.

If you’re not using Internet Explorer, please download this browser and you should be able to print your documents without any issues.

Who can I contact if I think there’s been a processing error?

You can contact one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat. They’ll review the case and consider your reasoning before advising you of any available options.

How can I track the progress of an application on NFI Online?

In NFI Online, all of your cases have a ‘Case home’ page with six tabs that update automatically to keep you informed of our progress.

More details can be found in our Case Tracking guide.

Can I submit my own mortgage application?
You can only submit your own mortgage application via or a Nationwide branch. Alternatively, your application can be submitted by another intermediary.
When I click login to finish my registration an error message appears, what should I do?

You need to allow up to 2 hours for MTE to send Nationwide your new registration. If the problem persists, you can contact one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat.

I've completed step 2 of registration, but why am I unable to login hours later?

Please check your spam or junk email to check that we haven’t attempted to email you regarding your registration. If not, you can contact one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat.

Decision in Principle (DIP) queries

Can I change the DIP and get a new decision?

Yes, if your DIP decision is either ‘Accept’ or ‘Declined’ due to affordability or criteria, you can change the original data to reprocess and therefore receive a new decision. For more details, read our DIP Reprocessing Guide.

Unless the existing DIP has expired, you won’t leave another footprint against your client’s credit rating.

I’ve got a message saying my case has been referred. What does this mean and what will happen next?

This means the case needs more investigation and will be reviewed by an underwriter within 48 hours. There are a number of reasons why this may be, such as we might not be able to verify details for an existing customer, the applicant’s credit history may not be satisfactory etc.

Please do not attach any documents at this stage as this may delay the decision.

It’s very important to ensure that the information you’ve keyed is accurate. If anything’s incorrect, you’ll be sent an underwriting request to make changes, which will delay your decision.

What’s the process for assessing a DIP refer?

An underwriter will conduct an initial review of the case within 48 hours of the DIP referral. Please don't attach any proofs to the case at this stage as this will slow down the decision.

The underwriter will then make one of three decisions:

  • Decline- unfortunately upon reviewing the application we are unable to lend.
  • Subjective accept- happy to approve please proceed to full application as soon as possible.
  • Subjective referral- we are unable to make a decision without a full review including assessment of requested documents. In this instance, an email will be sent advising of the requirements and once all documents are received it will be passed back to an underwriter for a full review.
How can I find out the outcome of a DIP refer?

Once an initial decision has been made, you’ll be notified of the decision via email. You can also view the decision on NFI Online > Case home > DIP.

Your decision outcome will either be a ‘subjective accept’, 'subjective referral' or ‘subjective decline’. We won’t provide a decision on a ‘subject to’ basis.

If the outcome of the referral is a ‘subjective accept’ then you can proceed to full mortgage application. Providing there are no further changes required, the only outstanding case requirement will be the valuation report.

Can I still reserve a product even though my case has been referred?

Yes you can, but please be aware that any fees paid could be lost if the case can’t proceed.

Do I have to create a KFI before a DIP?

No, but if you want to create a KFI before the DIP in NFI Online, you can promote the KFI data into the DIP process which will save you having to key the data again.

I’m experiencing difficulty entering an address I know to be correct. What should I do?

You can speak to one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat.

The case has been scored however I’ve noticed that the applicant’s name and/or address details are incorrect. Can I amend these?

Once the DIP has been scored you are unable to amend the current and previous address history, or applicant’s name. Please contact Mortgage New Business on 0800 30 20 11 for further guidance.

Can I still obtain a DIP decision if my client hasn’t found a property yet?

Yes, you can still get a DIP decision for your client, but this won’t include a decision on the property and you’ll still need to enter the security details before you can proceed to Full Mortgage Application.

Can the applicants current/previous address be amended once progressing past these screens?

As long as a DIP decision hasn’t been obtained, you can revisit the DIP section and amend the property details. If a DIP decision has been received and you’d like to change your clients address, this will need to be done via a new application.

How can I find out which region my client’s property is in?

If you know the postcode you can use the ‘What Region?’ finder on our House Price Index calculator. If you don’t know the postcode, please refer to this map which details all regions nationwide.

The application has received a credit Accept but declined due to the automated property valuation. Can I appeal this property decision?

If you want to challenge the property decision you can use the DIP property decline form. Please complete the form along with appropriate evidence/valid reason so your challenge to be considered.

How do I key a Remortgage case for a client looking to pay off a Help to Buy equity loan in full?

If your client is looking to borrow between 80% and 90% LTV, you’ll need to select the ownership type as 'Standard' within the Loan Requirements screen. Where the question asks 'Does this application relate to a Nationwide or External Scheme?', select 'Help to Buy'

Following this, select 'Pay off second charge' within the Additional Borrowing screen, which will enable you to access the products.

Then key both of the existing loans (i.e. the mortgage with another lender and the Help to Buy equity loan) with a £0 balance. This will instruct the Conveyancer to ensure that both loans are redeemed.

Please note, this process only applies to cases between 80% and 90% LTV. For cases under 80% LTV, please key as per a standard Remortgage case.

Scan and Attach (sending proofs)

How do I attach something for a case?
For simple step-by-step instructions on how to attach documents, read our Scan and Attach guide.
What file formats and sizes can I attach?

You can attach PDF, TIF or JPEG files.

The Maximum file size we can accept is nine megabytes. If the file is larger than this, please split the document into smaller sections and either submit each part individually or fax the documents to us.

For simple step-by-step instructions on how to fax documents, read our Faxing Documents guide.

My client already has a Nationwide current account and/or mortgage. Do I need to provide their statements?

If a statement’s been requested as a case requirement, rather than ask your client for their statement(s), simply complete this form and Scan and Attach to clear the requirement.

System issues

Why can’t I edit anything in the case I’ve opened?

We've replaced the 'Edit' and 'View' buttons with a single 'Open' button, so your case will always open in edit mode, unless:

  • It's a refer decision (you'll need to unlock the DIP by contacting one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat)
  • Someone else has the case open in edit mode
  • The case has been fully submitted

Some decline decisions will also mean that a case can't be edited.

If you're still having trouble editing the case, contact one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat.

Why is my system running so slowly?

It may be that your system is refreshing each page as you progress.

To overcome this in Internet Explorer, try changing the browser refresh settings to ‘automatic’. You can do this by going to Tools > Internet Options > Settings > General, then make sure ‘check for newer version of stored pages’ is set to automatic.

Solicitor search

Why is my client's solicitor not found by your conveyancer search facility?
  • Check the solicitor firms name and address is spelt correctly.
  • Check if the solicitor firm has more than one address.
  • If your client's solicitor isn't on Nationwide's panel, your client can either change their solicitor for one that’s on our panel, or the non-panel solicitor can be instructed to act for your client only. We’ll nominate a separate panel solicitor to act for Nationwide and all costs, including those charged by both solicitors must be met by your client. This is known as dual or separate representation. If your client wants to continue and use this process, please call us on 0800 30 20 11.

We hope we’ve covered most of the common questions, but if you’re still unsure about something, you can contact one of our experienced advisers on Broker Chat.